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I've just install your Webmin. It's quite nice and it does job !
I've got few comments :
- Theme are old fashioned markup using table  ... it would be nice to have pure CSS Web 2.0 style theme
- Localization use a strange mechanism ... why you don't use something standard XLiff, Gettext or Array ?

And 1 question :
- How can I add "automatic answers" in the drop down list

In conclusion your tool is great but I think that it will be fare better
if you have developped it above a standard framework  like Zend Framework (
If you decide to look in this direction I will be happy to give you and hand.


To add automatic reply, you must open the file properties to a locales directory, in my case I give you an example:
chat.predefined_answers=Hola, en que puedo ayudarle?\nHola! Bienvenido a nuestra ayuda en vivo. En que puedo ayudarle ?\n Esta interasado en algunos de nuestros servicios?\nAtendemos del horario de las 08:00 hasta las 18:00\nGracias, por estar consotros

I will test this
Thank you

I like it and chose openwwebim after evaluating 20 other packages (which were actually clunky/useless).

This is simple and elegant.

However I can't yet figure out - if I am not able to answer, how the site visitor
can leave an email message.  This is an important feature for me, because sometimes
I am in a different room and don't want to disable chat every time.  I currently
have a low-trafficked site: - but fee free to chat
and say hi!  That would be cool. :)  Thanks to the programmers of this!  It will be
a hit. 

Also, you should let the people, Scott Goodwin, know about openwebim at - on that page you will see my link again.

Thank you!

Thanks for you help in chat Jorge! Mucho Gusto! ~Lance

p.s. i invite everyone to the open source cms portal i am now starting:,2.0.html


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