Author Topic: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo  (Read 36413 times)

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Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« on: January 21, 2009, 05:29:38 PM »
Quisiera comtemplar la posibilidad de instalar webim con Joomla o Mambo, no soy experto con joomla o Mambo asi que va para los que conocen, pongo a disposicion la instalacion con x7chat y joomla, cuando alguien lo pueda realizar nos comentan:

//                                                           //
//     X7 Chat Installation Instructions - Version 2.0.0     //
//                                                           //

*****  Contents *****
   1) Requirements
   2) Pre-Install
   3) Installation Instructions
   4) Post-Install

***  Requirements ***
   It is recommend that you use an FTP client for uploading and changing
   permissions on files and directories.  For assistance in obtaining and
   using an FTP client please visit

   X7 Chat requires that you have a properly configured HTTP server which
   supports PHP Version 4.2.2* or higher.  X7 Chat also requires some type
   of database server.  X7 Chat provides built in support for the following
   database servers:
      - MySql 3.23.54* or higher;
   Additional modules may be available at that will allow
   you to use different database servers.  Instructions for installing
   these should come with them.
   If you are unable to find a module for your database, you may also
   program your own  database module for X7 Chat to use.  Intermediate to
   advanced knowledge of PHP is required to do this.  Support is not
   provided, but documentation is available at under
   the developer section.
   * X7 Chat may function properly with some lower versions but Tech
     Support will not be provided to people who do not meet these system

***  Pre-Install ****
   X7 Chat will automatically detect Joomla and configure itself to use the same
   database as Joomla.  If you are an experienced user you may configure X7 Chat to
   use a different database during installation.  Creating a database beforehand
   is not necessary.
***  Installation ***
   Follow these steps to install X7 Chat:
      Step 1) Upload all of the files and directories included with this
      download to your webserver.  You should put them in a new directory
      on your server.  This new directory *MUST* be directly inside the Joomla
      directory.  After uploading you need to be able to access the chat room by
      going to
      Everything should be uploaded in BINARY mode**.
      WARNING: X7 Chat should NOT be placed into the Joomla modules directory,
      placing X7 Chat in the modules directory will cause integration to fail.
      Step 2) CHMOD 777* the following files and directorys:
               - /logs/
               - /mods/
               - /uploads/
               - /config.php
      Step 3) Visit
      Of course you must replace "" with the actual address of
      your site, "/Joomladirectory" with the actual path to your board.  And
      "x7chatdirectory" with the actual path to the X7 Chat directory.
      The install.php file will guide you through the rest of the installation
      process.  While running the installation file it will automatically configure
      itself to integrate with Joomla, leave the default settings on step 1 in order
      for this integration to work properly.
      Step 4) Follow these directions to add a link to the chat room on your Joomla.
         1) Enter your Joomla admin panel and click the Menu Manager button.
         2) Press the button under the "Menu Items" column next to mainmenu (or
         whatever menu you want Chat to appear under)
         3) Press the "New" button.
         4) Choose "Link - URL" under the Links section and press "Next"
         5) Enter "Chat" or another appropriate name into the Name box,
         in the Link box put "./x7chat", but replace "x7chat" with the name
         of the directory that you put X7 Chat in.  Choose anything you want
         for the remaining options and press Save.
      Assistance) If you need assistance with these instructions please
      * If using a Windows server then the file needs to be made
      writeable by everyone.  After installation set the file so it is
      no longer writeable to everyone.
      ** This is usually the default setting for FTP programs.  If you don't
      know how to change it then chances are its already on BINARY.  Images and
      sound files that are included with X7 Chat will not work unless they
      are uploaded in BINARY mode.
***  Post-Install ***
   After installation you MUST deleted the install.php file.  If you do not
   anybody can get administrator access.
   For added security you may change the permissions on config.php to their
   former values.
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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 04:41:05 AM »
Pues mira, yo trabajo con Joomla tambien y la verdad es que te recomendaria que lo tubieras independiente por ejemplo tú página web, sea y en un sub-dominio tubieras el chat; así le das la posibilidad a tu cliente de página web, que tenga abierta la página solo para administradores, en , y para activar el chat, únicamente en el boton que te genere, lo copias y lo pegas en un modulo en tu página web en joomla y listo! totalmente independiente ;D

Pablo Cortez


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2009, 10:14:26 PM »
i don't see what this has to do with WebIM? you have provided instructions for installing X7. how does this tie in with webim


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2009, 04:28:07 AM »
Eddybaur, this users want integrate WebIM with Jommla or Mambo, and post here the "X7" configuration, for have idea how to make integrations...


Eddybaur, los usuarios desean integrar WebIM con Jommla o Mambo, y publican la configuración de "X7", para tener idea de cómo hacer las integraciones...


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #4 on: March 24, 2009, 10:07:09 PM »
i know, but it is the instructions from X7... he just copied and pasted that... I don't see how it integrates webim with joomla.


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2009, 01:41:03 PM »
Bless him got mixed up with the forums and colours...or smoking to much


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo / Solucion / Solution
« Reply #6 on: May 05, 2009, 12:48:48 AM »
Hola Jorge...
Antes que nada dejame que te diga que sos muy parecido a el tenista CAÑAS.. ;D ;D

Ahora si....

Mirá la instalación que debajo te dejo la hice con la versión 1.5.1 y quedó de 10 y con la nueva 1.6.0 también funciona!


1. Crear un directorio con el nombre 'webim' en la raiz de su sitio web.

   1.1. Descargar los archivos de instalación '' y el de lenguaje español '' del sitio oficial.
   1.2. Descomprimir en una carpeta local.
   1.3. Descomprimir (aparecerá una carpeta llamada 'sp')
   1.4. Copiar la carpeta 'sp' en /webim/locales/ de su carpeta local

2. Editar /webim/libs/config.php
        2.1. Donde dice 'en' cambiar por 'sp'. Es decir,
              $webim_messages_locale = "sp";     (En la 1.6.0 esta linea no aparece)
              $home_locale = "sp";         /* native name will be used in this locale */
              $default_locale = "sp";         /* if user does not provide known lang */

   2.2. Editar también la dirección de correo:
              $webim_from_email = ""; /* email from field */

       2.3. Configurar los parámetros de conexión de la base de datos con los tuyos.

             $mysqlhost = "localhost";
             $mysqldb = "webim_db";       (Nombre de la base de datos)
             $mysqllogin = "webim_lite";     (Usuario)
             $mysqlpass = "123";      (Contraseña)

3. Crear a través del panel de control de tu sitio la base de datos, usuario y contraseña indicados en el punto anterior (2.3.)

4. Subir todos los archivos y directorios de tu carpeta local a la carpeta 'webim' de tu sitio web.

5. Usando el navegador ir a  tu_dominio/webim/install/ y luego hacer clic en "Create required tables."

6. Borrar la carpeta /webim/install/ desde tu server
7. Loguearse:  (//tu_dominio/webim/operator/index.php)
                    usuario: admin
          password:                (nada, solo dar enter)
   7.1 Estando logueado cambiar el usuario y agregar un password ya que estos son los datos del administrador.

7. Crear el codigo para el boton e insertarlo en el sitio dentro de un artículo. Para insertarlo hay que pegarlo pero en modo html en el editor de joomla, es decir, crea un artículo y en el editor hacer clic donde dice 'html' o algo así y entrarás en el modo html. Aquí pegas el código y guardas los cambios.
9. Crear operadores. (Para subir las fotos de los operadores hay que cambiar el CHMOD de la carpeta "avatar" a 777, luego de crear todos los operadores y subir sus fotos, volver a cambiar los permisos de la carpeta "avatar" a 700)

9. Wait for your visitors on 'Pending users' page. On unix/linux platforms change the owner of /webim/images/avatar folder to the user, under which the web server is running (for instance, www). The owner should have all rights on the folder /webim/images/avatar (chmod 700 /webim/images/avatar). UPDATE:
   1. Backup your /webim/libs/config.php
   2. Backup your /webim/images/avatar folder.
   3. Clean webim folder on server.
   4. Upload all the files contained in this archive (retaining the directory structure)       into webim folder.
   5. Adjust you config.php
   6. Visit http:///webim/install/ and follow the instructions to update database (if       needed).
   7. Remove /webim/install/ directory from your server 8. Restore contents of              /webim/images/avatar folder.

NOTA: El paso 9 se entiende y me dió fiaca de traducirlo.... ;D ;D ;D

Espero que Te sirva a vos y a todos...... cualquier cosa.... avisen........SUERTE!!! ;D ;D


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #7 on: July 03, 2009, 03:15:33 PM »
No puedo instalar como dicen los pasos a seguir... Ayuda por favor!!


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Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #8 on: August 27, 2009, 10:28:41 AM »
In most places mod_rewrite is not available but there is another way to do it from .htaccess.

Make a .htaccess file and put it in the root dir. Then, add this:

<Files .tpl>
order allow,deny
deny from all


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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #9 on: January 18, 2011, 05:31:59 AM »
Appreciate your comprehensive guide on how to install WebIm with Joomla. It takes to learn and understand because it is quite complicated.

Brand Ambassador

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Re: Instalation webim with Joomla or Mambo
« Reply #10 on: March 04, 2011, 06:48:12 PM »
Muchos gracias por los instrucciones.


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Instalation webim with Joomla TO ONE DATABASE
« Reply #11 on: March 04, 2011, 09:50:31 PM »

I have a question regarding database.

How could I use for webim the same database I use for Joomla-site?
The problem is, that my hosting allows me no more than ONE database.  :(

So please let me know where I must change in the program name of the database for webim chat in order it would work properly. I hope for your help very much.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. I like webim chat - just searched for exact this kind of chat interface.


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