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--- Quote from: shailo on August 06, 2013, 10:43:40 PM ---DIllusions, did you altered any file of Mibew....I ask because if you did a small (can be just a word) in the files...its possible that the SQL do NOT recognize the file as part of Mibew.
Tip one, upload all the files again by FTP, then clean the cache of your browser...If this doesn't work install Mibew again, but do NOT alter the codes (common issue comes when people eliminate the link to "". ;)

--- End quote ---

Are you kidding?  ???

* SQL has nothing to do with files. It's database layer.
* The only thing that can be affected by altered files is the installation process, because Mibew installer checks control sums of all packaged files before the installation. But in this case the server part of Mibew was already installed.
* As it was written above, the web interface works as intended. So why do you think that reinstallation of the server part will solve the problem with Mibew Tray?
* The problem related to Mibew Tray. Why do you think that cleansing of a browser's cache will somehow help to solve it?
Actually, there could be a number of reasons for the given problem. For example, it could be related to an invalid .NET framework being in use. But to be sure one need to get the answers to a couple of simple questions...

You know? I was not kidding, just mistaken I saw the symptoms, but not from were the problem came ;) "I have this problem Mebiw Tray loding and not work !!!".
And as you said this do not have relation with the SQL.........sometimes with bad sleep is not good to answer without read carefully the question (was my case).


--- Quote from: shailo on August 08, 2013, 01:02:21 AM ---sometimes with bad sleep is not good to answer without read carefully the question (was my case).

--- End quote ---

Yeah, sometimes such things happens to all of us.  :D

@ DIllusions,

Can you make a temp account in mibew & supply a link to the messenger via Pm so one of the staff can look closer into your issue.

I have used the tray without any problems in 1.6.4 & 5 so we actually need to see if the problem is with the tray or the main script itself.



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