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Please, read before asking your question.
« on: February 21, 2014, 03:56:25 PM »
Hi there!

So, you have a question, right? Please, do not rush to publish it here. You are able to post it anytime, but there is a chance that someone has already asked similar question and the answer is somewhere out there. Just do a few simple things to save both your time and the time of the community members.

Primarily, take a look at our FAQ. Maybe your question is already there.

So, you haven't found your question in FAQ, right?. Fine. Then try to search on the forum.

Still nothing? Well, ok. Then (probably) your question is non trivial and you indeed should ask it here. :)

But have in mind that you can get a valid and useful answer only if you ask a question in a right form and with all necessary details. If you are not sure how to ask a question in a right form you'd better read this text by Eric S. Raymond and Rick Moen:

(Actually, it's worth to read it anyway.)

N.B.: We're actively standing against spam and have some automatical shield against spambots and DDoS-attacks. If you encounter some errors like "501 Not Implemented" or "400 Bad request" while posting your question or answering someone's question, just remove all unnecessary links that have no principle significant value. Typically there should not be more than four links in the post. Please don't get us wrong, we really appreciate your intention to post some new and valueable content on the Net, but we will not loosen our shield against spam just for you.

One more thing. If you asked a question, please, don't break the thread without some conclusion. The solution you've found (or the confirmed fact that there are no solution) could help other users in the future.

And the last but not least. If you're posting a message at this forum, please, don't duplicate it in the bugtracker and/or don't send it to Mibew developers via email or as a private message. One should use a single way to ask her question.

Thank you for reading this message. And good luck with your searching.  :)
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