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Mibew Tray problem


Great Cyrus:
i have problem with my Internet Explorer and it's not working and when i try to use Mibew Tray the  Mibew Tray just use IE,so when i want to connect to my mibew service, my host firewall (csf linux) block my ip for security reason false positive of sql inject or i don't know for what
so is there any way to use different browser or can you plan to it in future for users that choose their desire browser?

First of all, you've posted in a wrong board. There is a special place for questions related to Tray. The place where I moved your topic.

Second of all, Mibew Tray application has no future. It was written in our roadmap a long time ago:

Third of all, probably you should take a look at this post:,1001.msg3609.html#msg3609

But note, that we've not tested that recipe, so use at your own risk.


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