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Looking for developer to customize Mibew


Hi! We need to customize this really fine product to fit our needs: (1) one tray - several websites (or, in other words, several operators - several websites); (2) we have java script for the call-from-the-site feature (button to activate a voice connection to our SIP PBX) and we need to integrate it into consultant window of Mibew, to allow clients making a voice calls.
All the improvements should be based on Mibew 1.6.13.

Please PM me if you have an offer.
P.S. Don't sure if I choose the right place for this topic, sorry if missed the thread 8-)

Have you tried putting out a request on oDesk or Freelancer?  I've had luck myself (unrelated projects) but if you are specific enough, you might get a bite?

Me too, someone knows if here we can filter for people freelance?


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