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HTTPS between Wurrd & Mibew and another site ?


Hi! First I would like to say that those are very nice software.

Here's what I'm wondering about :
I set my Mibew on a HTTPS adress
I log in my Wurrd with that HTTPS adress
// here's the thing//
If I use a button on an other website that is not a HTTPS adress,
will it be secure since it call the HTTPS adress ?

Thank You!

Hello Marc,

Glad the Wurrd app and Mibew are working for you. Given your setup you should not have any issues. You can embed an HTTPS button on an HTTP website just fine. When a visitor clicks on the button, the frame that opens up is an HTTPS frame so the communication is secure.

Note though that when creating the button you must enable both "Include host name into the code" and "Use secure links (https)" to ensure that the button always links to the HTTPS version of the Mibew server.

Thank You!

P.S. I think for my «users» that I will use the an second smaller button on my page
with the PopUp option on it... so they can see it's a HTTPS URL.  ;)


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