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So, I posted and deleted my post because I was sure I would find the translation into  the translation.po document. But it look like it's elsewhere and I can't find it.

So, how do I change the «Turn off sound» and «Turn on sound» into french ?

Note: I use the system in two language, English and French.
I need to keep the English for my English visitors  ;)

One should understand that most of the translations for Mibew Messenger are incomplete. So, if you're unable to find some phrase in the PO-file for a locale, you just have to add it manually.

All actual constants are situated in the POT-file (it's available for download here).

Thank You very much!

P.S. May be a line in the page just over the list that could look like this may help: "Translations for Mibew Messenger may be incomplete. All actual constants are situated in the POT-file at the bottom of this page." You know... for people like me  :-[


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