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Mibew vs Wurrd : missing option ?



Today I've try something nice on Mibew, switching a client to another agent.
Work A1 on Desktop, but could not find that same option in Wurrd app.

Did I miss it or it's just not there for now ?

Thank You!

By the way on your server (

And how did you get thar icon for the server details ?
Is that the favicon of the site ?

Hello Marc,

Transferring a client to another agent is not yet implemented in Wurrd. The only transfer feature that is implemented is taking over a chat from another operator. We will add this to our feature request.

We are no longer maintaining All activities have been moved to There was a note re-directing users to the new website. Somehow that note has disappeared.  :(. The new website has been up for a year now. We will be taking down the old website at the end of this week.

Thank You!  :)


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