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Where can I use the "Company title" value if I set it at the Config?
Could not find any use for this. I use a translation file.
Thanks a lot.

I suppose that by Config you mean Settings page. If so, it's a kind of legacy value. At the moment out of the box it's used in email templates (placeholder {3}). Maybe somewhere else, but I'm not sure (see setup_logo() function in libs/chat.php). Also, one can make use of it in third party plugins.

It would be very nice, if I could use it at the welcome message, "Sorry. None of the {Company Title} support team is available at the moment.
Please leave a message and someone will get back to you shortly."

What stops you from making you own style?  ;D

I modified this file "translation.po" at the right position with {3} and load it into the database, but nothing is shown.


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