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Hi, update to 3.5 and I do not see the pages visited. What could be the problem? Thanks

1. Is there a problem with all visitors?
2. Are the button and Mibew Messenger itself on the same domain?

UPD.: Looks like I've managed to find the bug. Should be fixed in 3.5.1. Please, let me know if the problem will still persists.

Hi faf, thanks for the reply.

1. Yes, the web page where the visitor is is not displayed.

2. Yes, the button is present in all web pages ( and the folder with the Mibew content is in the same domain. I attach the image of how to generate that button.

UPD: OK!, now i try it

Hi, I already installed 3.5.1, the visited page appears, but not the internal sheet (, only the domain

Well, that's not an issue of Mibew Messenger. It's the thing named Referrer-Policy.

Mibew Messenger gets the URL of a visited page from the 'Referer' HTTP header, while it's up to browser to send something there, or even don't send anything at all. And a browser should behave just as he was told by a web server. Looks like your web server has either strict-origin, or origin Referrer-Policy. If you want to see the full URL in the tracked path, you should somehow change that policy, and the exact way to do so depends on your web server.


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