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gulp failed with error in plugin "gulp-xgettext"

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--- Quote from: scott_ease on November 03, 2021, 12:52:29 AM ---Honestly speaking, the program is not convenient. Currently user can only edit CSS files without rebuilding system. Could you guys make some change to let user freely edit all files under "styles" directory?

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So, anyone could easily break the markup (or even add some nice XSS vulnerabilities), and then ask lame questions like "how to add a custom field?" and make stupid statements like "nothing works, this software sucks". Not to mention the negative effect on speed and performance. We've been through that with Mibew Messenger 1.x. The answer is no, thanks.

And, btw, there is a huge difference between typical end users and people who want to deeply customize the software. Mibew Messenger is convenient for the first ones. As of last ones, consider existing specifics as an entry threshold test.

--- Quote from: scott_ease on November 03, 2021, 12:52:29 AM ---In that way, Mibew Messenger will become much more popular.

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What makes you think so? Not to mention the fact that we don't care too much about popularity.


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