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yes,i think it can be used in this state.
and it can be better than what it is too.

Ok.  :) So, we'll publish this translation in the near future. And we'll update it when any improvements will arrive.  :)

UPD.: the new translation is available for download.

Great Cyrus:
nice to hear another new version released,Keep up the good work.
i was a little busy in past month
your suggestions sajjadi is correct and the translate will be more complet and undrestandable !
my goal to translate some part that was not exatly same as english sentences was "undrestand and ease of use for ordinary users of mibew"
and remember that it took almost 4 day for me to complet the whole tralsatinon file and part of it was translate sleepy !
of course i try to consider your correct suggestions and use them in next translate.


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