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Who is it
« on: December 03, 2009, 11:35:43 PM »
Who such
It you? They sell the given product of Russia.


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Re: Who is it
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2009, 08:59:50 AM »
The explanation is here:

Unfortunately the page is only in ru yet.


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Re: Who is it
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2010, 05:23:03 AM »
Hi all!
Here for you translation:

"The first " Web Messager " has been developed in the company in which creation I took participated. As the part of our marketing strategy, has been released simplified "Lite" the version which first time extended

free of charge in the form of open source the project. It was accessible on and aspired to show simplicity and reliability of our decisions, thus not opening corporate functionality.
In August 2008 in connection with disagreements on the basic moments, it was divided on two parts. Thus, under the mutual arrangement, we have divided regions of distribution: continues to exist in

territory of Russia, and Mibew (Open Web Messenger) in all other territories.
Mibew is continuation Lite branches of the Messenger and develops owing to inquiries and the contribution community. From the point of view of authorship - the rights to a code at the moment of the end of August, 2008

equally belong also to me, and (though if it is fair, all code has been written by me). We from two sides try to part two products that there was no sensation of their similarity and the need{requirement} for regional

differentiation has disappeared.
Evgenie, on August, 31st 2009"

By the way this figure names itself the company and sells this program for money!
Cost from $200 up to $300 depending on the bought license for amount of operators.(
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