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Please, review the translation here (click on the links to add or fix messages) and report in this topic if it is ok:

Also I need the translation of the following two phrases (for buttons):
- Site consultant. OFFLINE. Leave your message.
- Site consultant. ONLINE. Ask your question

Post them here. They should fit into existing image, therefore try to keep them small

Download current revision (properties file only):

We use at our website and translate to Turkish. you can check from here.

If you need we can share our locale files and images.

Yeah, it would be great! Could you post the online/offline text here so I can regenerate our default buttons?

BTW I like the operator on your button. Is it ok if I create another set of buttons (for all languages) with this picture?

Müşteri Hattı. ÇEVRİM DIŞI. Mesaj Bırakın
Müşteri Hattı. ÇEVRİM IÇI. Sorunuzu İletin

Current status: english tabs in chat, needs review


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