Author Topic: Good news everyone! The project is alive!  (Read 17080 times)

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Good news everyone! The project is alive!
« on: July 19, 2013, 11:30:05 PM »
The Mibew Messenger project is alive and plans to remain so.

Probably many of you noticed that recently project's activity was utterly low. The reason for that situation was a trivial absence of time of a project's founder.

Intended to save Mibew Messenger as an upcoming free/libre software product it was decided to transfer the project to the new team of developers.

So, here we are. :)

Who we are?

Just a small team of developers, nothing special. See contacts page for more details.

Why we do this?

Short answer: because we don't want Mibew Messenger to die.

Long and honest answer: because we use Mibew Messenger for our own projects and don't want Mibew Messenger to die. :)

What we are planning to do?

  • Officially release version 1.6.5 with a bunch of security fixes and small improvements. It will be released under a new, more permissive Apache Software License. And you will no longer have to ask us about links removement: it will be up to you and your conscience.
    Actually this version was around for awhile, but wasn't released. We'll fix it really soon.
  • Continue to develop a new version of Mibew Messenger and try to release it in the late autumn. Developers already can take a look at it (and take part in development process) on Github.
  • Completely rebuild a project's website and this forum. We hate bots, you know. ;)

What we need?

We need you. To help us improve Mibew Messenger, make it better, more secure and powerful. To clean up this forum and make it a nice place to ask questions and get answers about Mibew Messenger and related projects. To form a stable and friendly opensource community.

So that's it. Oh, and the last but not least.

We hereby declare that Mibew Messenger will stay free/libre. At least while we are running this project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

And stay tuned.
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