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Hello to all WebIM Developers!

As a quick introduction; I am a student at the University of Lincoln (England) in my 2nd year of a Computer Science degree, and am currently writing a short assignment for the Software Engineering Unit that I undertake, where we have been asked to investigate an Open Source project in a number of subject areas, yours of which I would like to look into!

Our brief asks the following areas to be reviewed:

1. How the developers around a software project ‘typically’ manage and control the processes of software development.

2. Make an assessment of the effort that is allocated to different forms of maintenance and the contributions made between members of the development team.

3. Propose and provide the requirements, design documents and code for a maintenance task.

My Task; After searching Source Forge I would like to ask if I could use your project for this study by possibly putting forward:

Some Questions relating to the areas stated above, such as developer identification and how issues such as communication, management and decision making are resolved.

Looking into the application as part of my maintenance task, possibly providing and implementing a new visual style, which could be used in comparison to the two options currently available.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks
Karl (Pench)

1. The Main guy "inspirer" lets us know what he's done. Then he and us "developers" give suggestions on how to improve the software. We have several Developers (as you could see on source forge). We all contribute in our own ways.

Private message me and maybe we can help you out! :) inspirer i'm sure would be willing to help you too. I'm the forums monitor. Inspirer will be on it once and a while though. I'll let him know to check the forums.

PM him or I and we'll get the information you need :)

Thank you for your quick reply, you should have a message waiting now!  :)

I would like to express my support for this application and Open Source development; what inspirer has created is a very useful and nifty piece of software which offers much to the online community, whilst asking for little in return!

Karl (Pench)

I emailed Inspirer with the PM u sent me. He'd be able to answer some of those better than me.  :) He hasn't responded to me, and i'm not sure if u pm'ed him too so just fyi :) If i get the answers i'll pass'em on via PM.

Hello again...

Just a last note that this investigation has been completed, I would like to thank you for your help in my project, and wish you well with the future of the application!  ;D

Karl (Pench)


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