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Como integro Webim con una aplicacio en mysql


Jorge Melo:
Me encuentro integrando openrealty con webim como lo puedo hacer, si los agentes son los operadores, los usuarios son los miembros o visitantes.
Hice la prueba con mohachat, integra con openrealty o cualquier base mysql, pero este no funciona

Translation:I find me integrating openrealty with webim as I can do it, if the agents are the users, the users are the members or visiting.  I did the test with mohachat, integrates with openrealty or any base mysql, but this does not function THANKS

If you need me to say this in spanish i can. Basically your trying to integrate WebIm with OpenRealty. You'd need to add the chat button to the pages that you'd provide tech support with. You CAN use the same mysql database with two items (OpenRealty, and WebIm)

I need to integrate the database with my web site webim I already operates a CHAT XXX but want to migrate to webim, example:

User table   
Table name      : mydb.userdb              For tables in other databases use database_name.table_name
Username field  : username                  Please note : You need to have privileges to access the other database.
Password field  : password

Webim already installed on my web site, my wish is that member companies can communicate with visitors.


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