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Installation error 500
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:51:17 PM »
Thank you for your great software. I have used 1.6 in the past with success.
Now I am trying to install 2.2.3 but I am encountering an error.
Here is the error log message:

[30-Aug-2017 17:30:35 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Symfony\Component\Yaml\Exception\ParseException' with message 'Unable to parse at line 20 (near "mailer:mail").' in /home/bwscpanel/public_html/tompac/mibew/vendor/symfony/yaml/Symfony/Component/Yaml/Parser.php:285
Stack trace:
#0 /home/bwscpanel/public_html/tompac/mibew/libs/common/configurations.php(37): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser->parse('# IMPORTANT: Be...')
#1 /home/bwscpanel/public_html/tompac/mibew/libs/init.php(32): load_system_configs()
#2 /home/bwscpanel/public_html/tompac/mibew/install.php(23): require_once('/home/bwscpanel...')
#3 {main}
  thrown in /home/bwscpanel/public_html/tompac/mibew/vendor/symfony/yaml/Symfony/Component/Yaml/Parser.php on line 285

I have created the DB and entered the details in the config file.
I am hosting on a godaddy acct, cpanel linux
Here are my server versions:
Database client version: libmysql - 5.1.73
Current PHP version:  5.6

Please any help you can suggest.


UPDATE: I had entered the "mail" and "file_system" options in the wrong area in config.
All good! Install is working
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