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The actual localization system in Mibew is ugly, so we plan to completely change it in Mibew 2.x.

As of today, those 'wrong format' warnings is just a warnings. They have no impact on how the system utilizes translated constants.

Great Cyrus:
ok,another question,if i just translate my own mibew licalization file ,it's ok to use those correct translate for developer in future usage? or i should attached this properties file some where?

I'm not sure that I've understood your question correctly. Do you want to share your translation with the community to make it possible for us to make use of it during the switch to the upcoming new localization system? Or do you want to know whether it will be possible for you to use your translation with the upcoming system without any changes?

Great Cyrus:
The firs one I ques ...
i think if i translate my own installed system,some how like online sync or save this new translate text in your server ,the translate file or content will available for Mibew developers to use it during the switch to next version or upcoming release etc..? or No! there is no way to access this file for you and i must send it to you or attached it here
as far as i know some translate text are absent since last translate by persian friends
Hmm i think i make it a clear question now.
thanks for replay by the way and fell free if i must explain the  question more.
oh and i forget to say that the above link ( not worked for me and i can not access with use admin pass void/null if its right way to share my translate to use developers,comunity etc.

For now there are several possible ways to update an existing translation.

* We have a special repository at Github:

Just clone it, change a translation and send us a pull request. We'll check that request and merge it.
* We have the special Mibew installation you've mentioned above.

We restricted the access to it since there were some regrettable incidents of vandalism and spam.

If you want to share your work this way, feel free to send me a private message with the desirable login you want to use. I'll create an account for you and send you the access information.
* You can leave your translation here as an attachment to a message.
* You can send your translation to me in a private message or via email (see our contacts page).


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