Author Topic: Hi guys! Quick question about routing or auto assign request to a operator.....  (Read 6599 times)

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Hello! Guys i want to auto assign the request of a visitor to a operator depending on their rank, let us say i have

1st Operator   - 2nd
2nd Operator  - 3rd
3rd Operator   - 1st to get the request

Since 3rd operator, let us say, is already talking to a visitor, the next visitor's request should be only received by 2nd operator since he is next to 3rd operator by rank, 2nd operator should not receive any.

My questions are how do i accomplish this? What files am i gonna edit?

My idea here is,

1. Add id for rank and chat availability for operators
2. Query all available operators and limit by id order by rank

Next is i dont have any idea, i think this is javascript, please help guys!

Thanks alot :-* Your soft really rocks! ;D


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That's a really great suggestion. We should have that in our future plans. I'm not sure what you'd edit..