Contact us

Contact person: Dmitriy Simushev (technical support, patches, feature proposals)
E-mail: simushevds [at] mibew (dot) org

Contact person: Fedor A. Fetisov (licensing, legal information, forum, feature proposals)
E-mail: faf [at] mibew (dot) org

If you’re not sure who to ask, feel free to use this e-mails:

Technical support, feature proposals, patches: support [at] mibew (dot) org

Site and forum: webmaster [at] mibew (dot) org

Licensing and legal information: legal [at] mibew (dot) org

Important! Security issues require responsibility! Do not ever send us any sensitive and confidential information (i.e. logins and passwords, etc.)! Remember, once sent through public networks, any password automatically becomes compromised!