Mibew Messenger 2.0-alpha1 has been released

After several years of active development we are happy to officially introduce the brand new Mibew Messenger.

The first alpha version of Mibew Messenger 2.0 is available for download. The demo installation on our official site will be updated in the next couple of days was updated too.

Almost every part of Mibew Messenger was improved, many parts was entirely or almost entirely rewritten (and this work will be continued). The low level changes compared to Mibew Messenger 1.6.x are huge, and instead of listing it here we can just state that new Mibew Messenger is almost completely different software product.

As for the end-user perspective, the most important changes compared to Mibew Messenger 1.6.x are:

  • tracking of site visitors and chat invitations;
  • operators groups insulation and hierarchy (for now, two levels are available);
  • more convenient localization management (including localized canned messages and emails);

And of course we’ve implemented Plugins API that make it possible for third-party developers to significantly improve and alter abilities of Mibew Messenger without need to alter the code. The boilerplate plugin for Mibew Messenger was around for awhile. Also you’re free to ask us your questions about plugins development.

At the same time one should understand that alpha version of the new Mibew Messenger is not intended for production use. We have no ideas on what can happen in that case. Maybe everything will work stable. And maybe you’ll awoken Cthulhu. So if you decide to use 2.0-alpha1 on your working site, it’s up to you. You’ve been warned. 😉

We really count on valuable feedback from the community. Honestly, we’re lacking third-party commits, patches and contributions. And we hope that it will change after this release. (And by the way it’s right time to make a donation.)