Mibew repository has been reorganized

Today we have split the main repository of the Mibew Messenger project into a separate ones as follows:

  1. Mibew Messenger core: the code of the Mibew Messenger itself and the build tools for it;
  2. Mibew Messenger internationalization (i18n): translations and other i18n-related things;
  3. Mibew Messenger design: the name speaks for itself.

Also we’ve created two repositories for separate Mibew-related applications:

  1. Mibew Tray: unsupported .NET desktop application designed to work with Mibew Messenger 1.6.x;
  2. Mibew Java applications: untested and unsupported applications designed to work with Mibew Messenger 1.6.x and written in Java.

We suppose that such separation will make the development process more convenient, since developers will no longer have to deal with a mess consists of the code of several different applications, parts of design and files of translations.

Also, we recommend all developers that made a fork of our core repository to merge the last commits in it. In other case we’ll be unable to automatically merge your pull requests.