Quarterly report (Q3 2013)


It’s been three months since the moment of change of the development team, so now it is possible to sum up first results.

This is the first quarterly report of the Mibew project, however we plan to make publishing of such documents regular.

The good

The forum has been cleaned up. At present time the overall number of banned spambots is more than 30 thousands and still growing. In general, the forum has become a fairly peaceful place for discussion of issues related to Mibew.

The infrastructure of the project has been substantially upgraded. The changes were made on the low level (actually, they are still in progress), as well as on the level that is seen by the end users. For example, the new site has been launched, the live demo installation of the unstable Mibew 2.x has been deployed, the repository of the project has been reorganized, etc.

We’ve published the roadmap of the project that clearly defines the direction of further development and sets its priorities.

In the last three months there were three releases of Mibew Messenger of the stable branch of 1.6.x. And soon there will be the fourth release of Mibew Messenger 1.6.8.

Mibew Messenger was translated to Lithuanian and Norwegian, so now the overall number of localizations is 34.

The project got a brand new modern logo. (Though, you still can express your opinion on this issue.)

The bad

The Spanish-language version of the site and appropriate localized board on the forum has been virtually abandoned. The reason is trivial: no one of the actual Mibew team speaks Spanish. In this context, we recall on the search of an volunteer.

The period of the development of the first beta-version of Mibew Messenger 2.0 has been extended at least to the end of this year. The reason is a sufficiently large scope of work.

The miscellanea

Finally, some statistics.

The Mibew project has 75 forks on Github hosting. It has earned stars from 23 users and is watched by 14 developers. The overall number of commits into the master branch of the repository will soon exceed 1200.

The average number of downloads of different Mibew distributions is about 2 thousands per week. The largest number of downloads made from Brazil (16.8%) and Russia (14.7%). Followed with some margin by downloads made from USA (5.1%), China (4.8%), Turkey (4.7%), and India (4.6%).

Every day on the project’s forum there is an average of one new topic, and four new posts. Every day the site of the project is visited by more than one thousand people.