How to build and install unstable Mibew 2.0 from scratch as of 2014-05-06

Warning! This tutorial is outdated! Instead, one should take a look into the appropriate section of the brief of the project at Github.


Important! This instruction intended for developers. One should understand that Mibew Messenger 2.0 is not ready for end users. Moreover, it’s not ready for testers too.

Given instruction describes the process of building and installation of Mibew Messenger 2.0 on a VPS running GNU/Linux.

The goal is to install Mibew Messenger 2.0 into the some_directory directory. Also we’ll use /tmp/ directory for, well, temporary tasks.

We’ll skip the output of all commands to make the text more readable. Just remember that there should be no warnings or errors at all.

Required pre-installed tools

To build Mibew Messenger 2.0 you will need:

We’ll omit the process of installation of this utilities pretending that they are already installed and available in the system.

Step 1: Get Mibew 2.0

You can get Mibew Messenger 2.0 from the official repository. All you need to do is to download the snapshot of the actual state of the master branch.

$ cd /tmp/
$ wget
$ tar xzf master

Please, note that if you want to take a part in the development process, you should fork the official repository, clone it, and then make use of the cloned code tree.

Step 2: Prepare environment

This (and only this) step should be taken as a root.

Though it is possible to avoid the need of superuser permissions, it will require some additional actions, so we’ll follow the simple way.

Get and set up the Closure compiler.

# mkdir /opt/closure
# cd /opt/closure
# wget
# tar xzf compiler-latest.tar.gz

Then get and set up the handlebars 1.3.0 npm package.

# npm install handlebars@1.3.0 -g

Step 3: Build Mibew Messenger

Actually, all you need to do at this step is to run ant in the src/ subdirectory of the code tree of Mibew.

$ cd /tmp/mibew-master/src/
$ ant

Step 4: Get third party libraries

Download and use Composer to fetch all needed third party libraries.

$ cd /tmp/mibew-master/src/
$ curl -sS | php -d 'suhosin.executor.include.whitelist = phar'
$ php -d 'suhosin.executor.include.whitelist = phar' composer.phar install

Step 5: Install Mibew

Create an empty package file in the install/ directory.

$ touch /tmp/mibew-master/src/mibew/install/package

Create and modify configuration for the future Mibew installation using template configuration.

$ cd /tmp/mibew-master/src/mibew/libs/
$ cp default_config.php config.php
$ vim config.php

Place the Mibew Messenger code into the destination directory.

$ cp -r /tmp/mibew-master/src/mibew some_directory

And finally visit http://your_domain/your_mibew_path/install/ to complete the installation.

That’s it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.